• Donna Keith

    KM4WHJ-Club Secretary

  • Sandy Stradtman, MD (Ret.)

    KM4SSS – Technician licensed in 11/2015, General in 06/2016. Retired from solo medical practice in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology in 2014. Current working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. Member of HCARC since about 11/2015.  

    Club Treasurer

  • JVann Martin, MBA

    Licensed as a ham radio operator in 1992 with an original callsign of KD4LAS back when you could test for Novice, Technician, and Tech plus that included CW. I was first licensed as a Tech Plus with 5 wpm on CW. I have been involved in emergency mgmt as a volunteer for 20 plus years […]

    Office: President

    Callsign: W4JVM

    Email: president@hcarc.org

  • Thomas P. Manthei

    Office: Vice President

    Callsign: W9YQ

    Email: vicepresident@hcarc.org

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