Ever Heard Of An Amateur Radio Type 3 Communications Team? Better yet, do you know what it is and what it is for? Our header photo shows the type 3 team HCARC has in place for emergency response. Bill Mayfield, N0QWM, and two of his sons, Matt, KM4LBF, and Kenny, KM4LBE, demonstrate the setup they have in place for emergency response. In fact they have actually deployed this setup at the top of Oak Mountain State Park, here in the Birmingham Al area to demonstrate its effectiveness in time of need. This is the way emergency communications is going. We must be prepared and train diligently in order to be effective. Can’t go out into the field? There are other ways you can be effective from home. Develop a battery power system for use after a power failure. Study, study, study to move up to your next higher license class. Work on your skills as a net control operator. Listen and if possible, participate in HF nets. You’d be surprised what you can learn. The bottom line is Do IT!

For more information on FEMA and emergency preparedness, go to WWW.FEMA.GOV, or contact one of our club members. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction!