If you missed the Helena Hamfest this year, you missed a great local event. You also missed something else great as well. Bill Mayfield, N0QWM and his son Kenny Mayfield, KM4LBE, along with Roger Parsons, KK4UDU manned a table there promoting the theme of “Are you really prepared to deploy?” That’s quite an apt title, I would think, given all the flooding and bad weather we’ve had this year in the south, and since Bill is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for UAB Hospital and Roger is the Alabama District Emergency Coordinator for Alabama District 4, these guys know what they are talking about, and they brought Kenny along to help!  They did a really great job of presenting ideas and demonstrating examples of items you might need to have at the ready, all the way from tents to cots, to generators and alternative power supplies, and also different items you might need to include in your “go bag”, depending on your known situational requirements. Hopefully, all this effort will get you to thinking about what you need to have with you in order to deploy and be the most effective responder you can be.

If you would like more information on the subject, feel free to contact Bill Mayfield at N0QWM@arrl.net He has assured me he will be more than happy to help, and here’s a link to more information on what you need to be prepared from nih.gov.