Minutes Of The Most Recent HCARC Meeting Now Posted In The Members Area!

The minutes for the most recent HCARC meeting will now be posted in the “Members Area”, located under the heading of “About Us” in the drop down box at the top of the page. Here you’ll find all the topics of discussion and their outcomes addressed at the club’s most recent meeting. Any questions, check it out! If you need help with the password, contact any the club officers and they will be glad to assist!

Do You Know About The Other Local Nets In Our Area? Check “em Out!

There are a lot of local nets in our area, from Birmingham to points north, south, east, and west! Below is a listing of most of those nets that you can participate in from your location. I’m sure that the net managers would be glad to have you check in from time to time, so go for it, and enjoy! Besides, it’s great training for those times when you’ll need the experience!


7:00pm – ALERT Net
146.88 – (88.5)
8:00pm – Alabama Simplex Net
146.58 simplex
8:00pm – Blount Co ARC Net
146.70 – (91.5)
8:30pm – West Alabama Emergency Net (Tuscaloosa)
146.820 – (118.8) or 443.825 + (118.8)

7:00pm-HCARC 70cm ARES Net-444.100 Р(162.2) 
8:00pm – HCARC Net
146.76 – (88.5; 94.8; 114.8) or 443.175 + (131.8) or 443.7+ (131.8) or KK4BSK-R on Echolink
8:00pm – Walker Co ARC Net
146.64 –

8:00pm – SCARC Net 146.98 – (88.5)
8:00pm – St. Clair ARC Net
145.13 – (103.5)
8:30pm – Central AL D-Star Net
9:00pm – BARC Net
146.88 – (88.5)

8:00pm – Walker Co ARES Net 147.37 +
8:30pm – Fayette County ARES Training Net
147.200 + (110.9) and the last one or two have been tied to KK4BSK via echolink so it is also reachable via all of the HCARC info.
9:00pm – Sylvan Springs
147.14 – (156.7) or Hueytown repeater (127.3) HT Link.

Daily Nets on HF:
Daily 0930 HRS / Daily Alabama Day Net
Daily 1830 HRS / Sunday 0800 Alabama Traffic Net “Mike” 3.965
Hurricane Net 14.325 http://www.hwn.org/
Alabama ARES – RTTY/PSK – 2:30pm Winter – 3:30pm Summer 7.110MHz 2030 UTC

Alabama ARES – 3pm Winter – 4pm Summer – 7.243