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The HCARC was formed February 2011 with a strong desire to pull Jefferson, Shelby, and other surrounding county amateur radio operators together with a common goal to enhance our skills and talents in ham radio with an emphasis on supporting local area healthcare organizations.  Althought HCARC is only a few months into its new development of forming a healthcare ham radio club, we are already experiencing growth and expanding our footprint to more counties and possibly statewide.


The HCARC promotes and supports emergency training programs, practice drills, and cooperative exercises partnering with HARES, ARES, and other amateur radio affiliates to improve our skills and effectiveness with amateur radio technologies. We encourage you to consider joining the HCARC and be a part of a new and growing group of amateurs who have common goals for training and desire to be prepared to assist the surrounding healthcare communities if and when disaster strikes.


Remember, you dont have to be employed by a health system provider to be a member of the HCARC. Membership dues are $25.00 for individuals and $25.00 for immediate family plans. If an individual joins the HCARC and holds no licenses, the first test for technician is paid by the club. Together, we can accomplish our goals!


Meeting Presentation Topics 2019

  • May: Program Your Radio
  • June: Field Day
  • July HF Operation
  • August: Antenna Design and Build
  • Sept: Antenna Tech
  • Oct: S.E.T
  • Nov: EMA Year in Review (Ham Ops)

Dec. Christmas Party

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