One of our goals in the HCARC is to be proficient in communications with as many of the outlying hospitals as possible using repeater and simplex technology. In order to reach this goal, HCARC is a participant in what is known as The Hospital Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or HARES, a division of, and under direct control of The Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Alabama ARES). During times of emergency, and working in close association with the Jefferson County, Alabama Emergency Management Agency (JEFFco EMA) and the National Weather Service (NWS), HCARC is an integral part of the HARES network (shown in the diagram on the right) in the Jefferson and Shelby County areas, assisting in providing essential emergency communications in time of need. This capability was best demonstrated during the recent tornado outbreak of April 27,2011, where HCARC members were instrumental in providing communications aide and assistance during both the active and recovery stages of that event.

Another goal is to expand our capabilities to be of service to other hospitals throughout Alabama as our club grows and becomes more active in other Alabama Counties.

When Things Happen…Amateur Radio!